Never underestimate the power of a mother.

At UpSpring, we got our start by solving the problems of backaches and booze. (Really.) Of our three founders, two were inventors. Inventor and co-founder Dede Woodman created Walking Wings to help her 10-month old learn to walk without the need to hunch over all the time. Inventor and co-founder Julie Jumonville created the ingenious breast milk screening test, Milkscreen. While breastfeeding her baby at her sister-in-law’s wedding, Julie came up with the idea for the first-ever test strip to detect alcohol in breast milk. Lisa Williamson Rowe, co-founder, entrepreneur since the age of 11 and a Fortune 100 executive, was passionate about finding solutions for the unmet needs of moms and their babies.


In the mid-2000s, there were few truly innovative products to help mom and baby. So with two inventors living in the same town (Austin, Texas), along with a savvy businesswoman with a passion for supporting moms, it was inevitable that these three women would meet. When they did, it was practically a done deal. In 2005, UpSpring was born.


Breastfeeding Is Best … And We Made It Even Better


Since launching our first two products in 2005, UpSpring has introduced numerous other products to moms and babies everywhere. From day one, we were committed to extending the life of breastfeeding. This commitment led to the development of an entire breastfeeding line, with Milkscreen being the first. Among our most popular breastfeeding products today are Milkflow (to boost production of mom’s breast milk), Milkscreen, and our all-natural Coconut Oil Nipple Balm.


UpSpring Takes Care Of Mom, So Mom Can Take Care Of Baby


We work strategically with other inventors (almost all of whom are moms, of course) and leading medical experts to bring truly game-changing products to market. Just-for-mom products include C-Panty, which uses compression and silicone to help women recover faster after c-sections, and Shrinkx® Hips, the first postpartum compression belt to slim the hips.


“I Want To Be Sure My Baby Gets Artificial Ingredients, GMOs, And Unnecessary Fillers”Said No Mom Ever 


Throughout it all, mom inventors have continued to be a vital part of UpSpring’s success. We work with leading scientists, microbiologists, chemists, and other dedicated professionals who share our goal of creating a better motherhood. But until mama’s happy, ain’t nobody happy. That’s why we also work with moms to field test our prototypes. If “our” moms don’t like it, we deep-six it.


From pregnancy through childbirth, from infancy and into toddlerhood and beyond, UpSpring is here for you and your baby. We look forward to you and your family growing along with us.

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